With the endorsement of the scientific committee of Legambiente, we certify your event through the achievement of objectives, ensuring high standards of environmental respect. A real protocol that facilitates the approach to certification, and which makes the process of creating an event more sustainable, limiting its environmental impact. All this in compliance with the 110 Best Practices concerning sections such as waste, mobility, food, energy, communication, acoustics and ethical social responsibility.

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ISO 20121

ISO 20121 is a universal language. It is in fact the reference standard of the International Organization for Standardization for the events sector, it covers the entire spectrum of sustainable development, in its 3 inseparable dimensions: economic, environmental and social. Its language is universally recognized and shared throughout the world. Ecoevents is able to support the customer in obtaining the certification of events in a sustainable key: ISO 20121.


Websites and the sending of e-mails, causes CO2 emissions. This can be avoided by supporting domains on servers like ours that are inside the only zero-emission Green Data Center in Southern Europe. A data center with architectural solutions with a single goal, the reduction of emissions. A minimal load-bearing structure in concrete, with wood as the predominant element, even in the wood wool coatings which, among other things, is a fireproof material.

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