Roma - Stadio Olimpico

Sale hospitality

Here are the sustainable activities and choices undertaken to achieve certification for this very important event.


Eco Certified Event - Legambiente

Following the comprehensive evaluation required by the protocol, the hospitality areas designated for the four evenings of the Coldplay concert at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome have obtained the Eco Certified Event – Legambiente certification.

This achievement reflects the assessment of various thematic areas considered in the certification process, including Food and Beverage, waste management, logistics and mobility, energy and water management, communication, acoustics, social sustainability, and governance.

1. Training

Awareness-raising and specific training for all involved parties

Activities aimed at raising awareness have been conducted for all stakeholders involved to enhance their practices in sustainable management.

2. Food Management

  • Use of Local and Seasonal Food:
    Preference for using food sourced primarily from local (km0) and seasonal sources to reduce environmental impact related to transportation and promote sustainability in ingredient choices.
  • Donation of Food Surpluses:
    Implementation of a system in collaboration with ACLI di Roma for managing food surpluses generated during the event. This system ensures that surpluses are collected and donated to dedicated organizations, thereby reducing food waste and supporting social causes.
  • Use of Reusable Materials:
    Adoption of reusable materials to drastically reduce waste from disposable items, promoting sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.

3. Resource Management

Waste Separation

Implementation of a waste separation system aimed at maximizing recycling of waste generated during the event, promoting responsible management.


Reduction of Paper Usage and Promotion of Digital Communication

Limiting the print run and number of pages of printed materials to the minimum necessary quantity to reduce waste, and actively promoting digital communication.


Attention to Materials Used

Special attention is given to the choice of materials used within the hospitality areas of the Stadio Olimpico, with the goal of reducing environmental impact.


Elimination of Plastic Use

Implementation of concrete measures to reduce plastic use during the event in the hospitality area.


4. Food and Beverage

We calculated the carbon footprint of each beverage on the menu to make viewers aware of the environmental impact of the beverage industry and the importance of conscious consumption choices.

Prosecco (CF 0.18 kgCO2eq)
Spritz (CF 0.19 kgCO2eq)
White and red wines, Relais Le Jardin selection (CF 0.18 kgCO2eq)
Fruit juices (CF 0.47 kgCO2eq)
Soft drinks (CF 0.19 kgCO2eq)
Natural and sparkling mineral water (CF 0.14 kgCO2eq)
Coffee (CF 0.01 kgCO2eq)

Awareness of Consumed Calories
Furthermore, particular attention has been given to the health of participants through detailed information on the calorie content of individual dishes on the menu in the hospitality areas. This initiative aims to promote informed and conscious food choices.
This approach not only supports environmental sustainability but also individual well-being by encouraging balanced and responsible diets among participants.

5. Communication

Communication of Best Practices:
A communication strategy was implemented to promote best practices during the event.

Active Engagement:
Information was disseminated about the initiatives undertaken to engage the public and raise awareness about the importance of best practices.